Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Lone Green Light

People say that having a baby changes everything. I am here to tell those people that they are exactly right. Having a baby will probably even change my writing style. Because currently I am trying to write this post during my daughters new nap time of twenty minutes. It was a whopping forty five minutes until this week. I think Blanche may be getting her first tooth. 

I think one of the biggest shockers for me as a new mom is how much sleep really does matter. Up until you have a child, sleep is something that most of the time you do when needed. Now of course the average working person can't take a Spanish Siesta... but if you've had a long week, hit the sack early. Or maybe sleep in one Saturday. Take a Sunday nap. Once you are a parent. Baby decides. Now I know there are books out there that claim you can decide. But I'm not talking about the author of that book's life (who probably doesn't even have a kid). I'm also not talking about those really amazing well mannered babies (if they are out there) that sleep all the time. I am talking about Blanche Olive Nycum. My daughter. Who tends to sleep like her mama, meaning not very well. 

I once read that a true artist works when no one else is. Or something like that. Maybe it wasn't even about an artist but I took it that way. Now, don't get me wrong... I don't work more than the average person. I just work "when no one else is". Meaning while I was pregnant I would be up at 3am making a mobile out of string and buttons. And when Blanche does sleep, I might be scrapbooking from midnight to one. All this to say, I think this sort of creative  almost crazy gene runs in the family. I use to make fun of my mom because as kids we would go to sleep at night and wake up the next morning and my mom would have painted the living room a different color during the night. You see. Crazy. I fear Blanche may also be linked to us crazies. 
This brings me to the current topic in my life. The lone great light. Never before have I cared so much about a baby monitor. For those that don't have children (if you are still reading). The single green light means that the monitor is not picking up any noise. Meaning your baby is asleep. Meaning that you can do things like brush your teeth, eat lunch, hug your husband, or write this blog. Right now the Lone Green Light has been ah-shining for a twenty minutes! Lets hope that doesn't mean my blog is about to end. 
Anyways, current hobbies of mine include trying to get Blanche to fall asleep by eight thirty every night (wait. stop. there she is. twenty minutes on the dot!) 

Okay now with Blanche on my lap I will wrap this up. Basically all I have been saying and feel I need to say is that being a mom is way different than not being a mom. And that sleep is a very important necessity, and the lack of it will create an obsession about it, until you once have it again. 

Blanche really does pretty well for an exclusively breastfed baby. She has her moments but really is growing up so fast and is the love of my life.

I had thought about writing and using the lone green light as also a metaphor for us moms out there...feeling all alone. But I'm not in a very serious mood. And one of my newest goals as of this week is to start trying to connect with other new moms. Even if that means sitting together while our babies cry. 

Well, thats an update for us! Andrew is still working so hard every day and about to start a container garden on our back patio. He is creative and hard working and turns old containers that others throw away into something that bears fruit. He is a true artist and thats what makes me love him so much!

Blanche and me finishing the blog...

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  1. i do all my best artwork in the middle of the night too.