Monday, April 30, 2012

The Hobby of Making More Hobbies.

The Nycums are very good at having hobbies. Probably too good. Today I looked at Andrew, while he was making a homemade coffee bean roaster on the kitchen table and asked, "Why do we constantly have so many projects? Is it because we're artists?" He laughed and said probably. But sometimes I really do wonder why we have so many things going on that we have started on our own accord. I see people write that they are bored on Facebook... and I wonder how anyone could be bored. Maybe its that type of thing that when you don't have much time, you constantly think of all the things you could be doing... but when you do have time to sit and read that book you've been wanting to read, all of the sudden it doesn't sound appealing. Well, I'm here to say that once you have a baby, you really should never be bored again. I can't actually ever imagine myself saying that again.

Andrew and I have had conversations about really sticking to our favorite and best hobbies. I said, "Yeah, you know I am really going to focus on my photography. Well, and making Blanche's baby book/scrapbook. But I also love to write... and read. So that too." The other day I thought to myself that TV is such a huge waste of time. Well, we don't even have a television but Andrew and I will occasionally watch things online. Really its only The Office that we keep up with anymore. Maybe if we had cable there would be some really hilarious show that would lighten my spirits so much it would be worth the time. But we don't have cable.

Like I said, Andrew and I seem to find plenty to do. And I'm not rabbling about this to sound important. I guess I'm just saying that I am realizing we enjoy lots of different things. And honestly, the older I get the more I see there is out there... besides pop culture. Which really is so shallow anyways. Yes, Andrew and I will probably be that old couple that bird watches. But hey, I'm okay with that. 

I do know that once you have children, your time isn't your own anymore. And maybe thats why it all of the sudden seems so valuable. I know that people without kids would say, "Well I have to work or go to school... I'm busy too." And yes, thats true. But there is something completely different about your time when you have a six month old that may need you at any moment. This weekend Andrew took Blanche for about an hour while I laid in bed drinking coffee and reading a book. After about 45 minutes, I knew I shouldn't take too much time... because I knew that Andrew had worked the last six days in a row and was tired too. But as I was laying there I thought... man, what would it be like to have a Saturday where all I do is lay around and read. I know though that I am not in that season. Its just an adjustment to realize you aren't in that place anymore. I know one day I will be back there. My kids will be grown, and I won't have pictures to edit and put online every week or two. I won't have baby books to make... but I will have all this time! Crazy isn't it? 

So, this post isn't really about much I guess. Just time. And life. And wanting to do things and not wanting to do things. Maybe I feel like I have to keep trying to cram other "hobbies" in my life right now so I don't feel like all I do is feed and change my baby. When I stop to think about it though, I know my main job right now is being a mother. I wouldn't change it for anything. It is such an amazing thing to see your child change and grow, and I know these young years of my children will be over before I know it. So honestly, I guess like always, its just having a balance. Being able to do the things you love, keep your  house as clean as it needs to be, and most of all... love those around you, and be thankful that God has blessed you with so much. 

 (These pictures are from our patio garden!! Andrew is amazing and has built all of these self watering containers. And Blanche and I bought the Gnome to add...)

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  1. My babies are all grown and off living their own lives and I still don't have time for all of my hobbies. Some days I have so many things I want to do that I find myself just walking around in a kind of daze bouncing from one to another and not getting anything done. But I'm never bored! I also know that at my stage in life, it is of my own making and that I am the only one who can control the number of projects I allow to demand my time.

    Great blog, Jeran. Thanks.