Monday, September 17, 2012

New Years Resolution. In September.

 I have decided to refocus. I want to try and work on these few things:

1. Photography... Yes, this was my major in college. I have decided that I want/need to carry around my camera more and start taking real pictures. Don't get me wrong, I love instagram as much (or more) than the next person, but I really don't want to have Blanche's entire life only documented on my phone. Especially when I spent roughly 100,000 dollars on a photography major. Ugh. 

2. Sewing... My latest obsession has been cutting up receiving blankets to make cloth wipes and hankies. I don't know if you could call this sewing... but I want to do more of it. It seems calming. And I one day want to be that awesome mom that goes to the Salvation Army and buys an oversized flannel shirt and BAM its a dress for Blanche. One day.

3.Writing... I have always enjoyed writing and have always kept a journal. Obviously this blog is not consistent at all and I want to change that. So my hope is that maybe I can turn this Ol' blog around. Make it worth something. Maybe get better at actually taking pictures and putting them on here rather than instagram and facebook. I'm ready for a change... I need a facelift to my creative life. SOMETHING.

I'm not going to lie. I really have no time. Actually I do have time but most of it is with Blanche. And thats the way I want it to be. So, maybe I can start just capturing more of it and taking her hand and showing her what it means to be creative. Maybe she too will have an artist inside of her heart and mind trying to keep sane in a busy world. Or least we can finger paint together.

Ironically enough, the last (and very long ago) blog post that I did was about having too many hobbies. Or the hobby of making more hobbies. Lately I have decided to refocus. I want to try and work on these few things:

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