Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Danielle's Baby Shower

Today I was thinking about how I thought I was already grown up when I came to college. Now I may feel younger and less experienced in life than I did then. What's funny about that though, is that when I met the friends I made my freshman year (which was over seven years ago...crazy), I felt like I was already grown up... that I had lived so much life and had to fill them in. But now looking back I realize that for me college was the time I really learned what relationships with people look like. When I look back at the friends I have made and spent almost the last decade with, I can see that we have truly been living and experiencing life together. Its almost weird. Having some of my friends that knew me as a crazy freshman doing really embarrassing things, now see me as a mother. I NEVER would have thought that I would still be in Siloam, three and half years after graduating, married with a one year old. And that many of my good friends would also be living in Siloam.

All of that to say, us girls are kind of getting good at "throwing showers." I feel like as soon as one baby is born we find out someone else is pregnant, or engaged, or coming into town to visit. There seems a reason to get together almost monthly. It seems that in a blink of an eye I've become an adult. A mother. A housewife.

I like to think of myself as still pretty hip though, of course. Hopefully I'm not as boring as I once thought the moms in the "mom club" were. Okay, I probably am boring to a lot of people. I mean I get excited about cloth diapers. I guess its just a new season of life, not only for me, but for many of my friends. And like all seasons, you have to adjust.

October has been super busy with homecoming (still need to post a few of those pictures), Blanche's party, and a couple of baby showers as well. This past weekend we threw a shower for Danielle and her soon to be baby boy. I'm glad that I have awesome friends that can all work together. Everyone either works full time or has a baby. So even though I'd love to throw some awesome pinterest baby shower, we mostly split jobs and all brought something good to eat. We had a little brunch and gave Danielle presents. It was fun. We mostly wanted to see her and tell her we love her. Which for me is the reason for a shower.

I loved the few pictures I took. Pregnant Danielle enjoying her much craved cinnamon rolls made by Ellen, while Ellen stands in the back holding her baby. It made me laugh. A little foreshadowing I guess. Also, Blanche thought it was a fun game to take True's pacifier in and out of his mouth. I don't know if he thought it was as much fun. Then we have the hip and single girls. Who to me just looked so put together. Ha. They may look sort of mad, but actually we were testing out the camera timer for our group shot. I guess when I saw them I thought, "wow, time to put yourself together." Haha. We tried to get a group shot but a few girls had already left. I think I probably look the most awkward. Hitting the timer and running into place. And then lastly, little True and his two front teeth. I love how smiley he is.

Well I wanted to put up these pictures, and let all of my many dedicated readers know what I've been up to. I wish I had more time to write. More inspiration to take beautiful pictures and write thought provoking posts. Truth is much of my day is cleaning up messes and trying to sit down for five minutes. An older gentleman saw Blanche and I at the cafe this morning. We were out of coffee at home, and I would walk ten miles for a cup of coffee. Luckily I only had to walk ten minutes. Anyways, as Blanche and I strolled out of the cafe, me pushing the stroller with one hand and drinking my coffee with the other while Blanche hugged her baby doll, the man said, "have fun." At first I thought, well its not all fun. But then I thought again, that maybe to him it would be just that. It always seems the older one gets the less they remember about the crying and diapers. It is good to have that reminder. Blanche is only this little today. I should try and have some fun.

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