Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Garden

I've been meaning to continue the Nycum house tour. I started the Love Shack tour, with my first post of Blanche's room. Maybe when I am giving a tour, I should start in some sort of order, but our house really isn't big at all, so I'm just going to show my readers what I want to, when I want to. It will be more fun this way, trust me.

I thought since winter is upon us and most things are dying, we should revisit our wonderful garden that Andrew created this past year. Looking back through all of our garden photos, it was pretty amazing to see our daughter growing as the garden did. The pictures we took literally began when Blanche was barely able to sit up while leaning on something, and by the time our fall squash were ready, I was chasing Blanche out of them while she would crawl constantly to the garden and dig her hands in the containers. When Andrew turned over his containers this fall, Blanche was climbing and crawling into them, and when he had started the garden she could barely move!

My husband always does things to the extreme. Well, maybe that statement is a bit extreme, but he loves knowing things. When he gets into something, he really goes all out. That's why is he a bit of renaissance man. And why I feel he is better at everything. I guess what I do appreciate about us though, is that instead of being two creative people that constantly compete against each other, we just let each other have their things. Like Andrew lets me do most of the photography (although some of these beautiful pictures were taken by him), and I guess I'm the writer and "creator". Andrew is the cook (which I feel guilty for sometimes, but am learning to let go of), the coffee roaster, the crocheter (makes beautiful things, but I've come back to trying more). and now the organic gardener as well.

Andrew read an entire book about container gardening before he began. He also built all of his own self water containers out of buckets that he found around town. Yeah, he's pretty awesome. As you can see in the pictures, the garden really took off. More than we ever thought it would. And in the middle of 100 degree weather we had a jungle garden on our porch. It did get way too dry at times; we didn't get a single ear of corn. But we did harvest about 600 cherry tomatoes. And lots of regular tomatoes and eggplant. We had peppers, peas, green beans, herbs of all kinds, squash and sunflowers. All of it with out having a real backyard. I loved seeing Blanche take it all in. It was also so nice to feed her some of her first foods from our own garden. I am proud of my husband. It was his first garden, and he took so much of his time to accomplish not only something beautiful but it was literally food on the table.

I'm not sure how long we will be in this town home. We have been here for about a year and half. It isn't the place of our dreams, or where we want to raise a family or grow old. But it is a great place to call home. I'm glad that I have grown to like this place. And that I can also be content where I am. I am doing this house tour to not only give hope and encouragement to those renting in small places, but mostly to have the memories of first our home that we brought Blanche to from the hospital. To be able to show her where we lived and what we called home.

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