Sunday, November 11, 2012

What we do instead of watching football

I told Andrew today that I was glad I married someone that didn't watch football on Sunday afternoon. Not that watching football is bad, or that I won't like you if you do. I say a person should do whatever it is that is relaxing to them in their spare time. For me, its making deodorant. My dad called while I was doing so, and I told him that I was doing what most in America do on their Sunday afternoons. He said I was probably in the 3% range.

I'd actually say that making things is the passion of mine, rather than deodorant. But none the less, Andrew said I could try making him some after his ran out. Andrew has switched to my homemade shampoo (still working out his recipe) and is now trying out some deodorant. I'd say what a sport he is, but the truth is most men just don't want to smell bad. So as long as I can accomplish that.

I had never ever thought of making my own deodorant. That is until my inspirational friend had a guest post on her own blog about making your own. First, I bought some from Jesyka after reading her post. Then, I realized I had everything I needed at home when I ran out and made it myself. I used it for several months, but I think maybe the cornstarch was hurting my skin. So, I moved on to this recipe. It is so simple. Four ingredients. All I really needed was something to help me not smell, and most importantly to be gentle on my skin. When it came to Andrew however, I knew he wouldn't want a paste like kind. So we moved more complicated to making stick deodorant for him.

I found the recipe here. It is a little more complex, but I did simplify the recipe. I admitted the baking soda (since it was a small amount and could be replaced with arrowroot), and didn't mess with probiotics either. Honestly I just used what I already had. Plus it helps when you have an awesome neighbor that has extra beeswax on hand.

The experience of making this was sort of funny. We didn't have a double boiler. I had started out doing what the blog post had said and had put my semi solid ingredients in the mason jar. I was ready to put it into boiling water (like picture above). But then Andrew and I recalled the experience that had happened earlier this morning. Which was a glass pan exploding in our oven. Long story. He should really be blogging about his own hobbies and experiences. You know, how he too strives for greatness and perfection in most random things under the sun. For me, its deodorant. For him, its setting an alarm on his day off so he can make beautiful baguettes. But, sometimes in our endeavors we don't have everything we need and us Nycums improvise.  Like using a glass pan for a roasting pan (doesn't work) ... Anyways, we moved the mason jar into out canning pot with metal rack. Just to be safe. So in a way, we almost canned our own deodorant. We are such pioneers.

After that, I really just followed the blog recipe and let it cool and added it to the containers. I didn't know it was going to make so much. Actually I didn't even realize this until I had poured it into Andrew's old container and still had half left. (And for those of you who haven't done things with melting beeswax...its a sport of its own. Because when its finally cool enough to pour, then it stars rapidly drying and sticking to EVERYTHING. A small form of hell.) Anyways, I frantically poured the leftover in a glass bowl. My idea is to plop it out and cut it to make "deodorant bars".

Is anyone still reading about deodorant? Anyways, I really would recommend going to the links above that I have posted. For anyone who is trying to go "natural" or "chemical free" there is something very important about also watching what you are rubbing into your skin every day. I love homemade deodorant because it has things like coconut oil and vitamin e. And no chemicals.

So that was our Sunday. We had planned to go to church before the glass exploded all over the kitchen. We went and ate mexican instead. And then made deodorant. And now little Blanche is sleeping (thank God for the time change and the new darkness. She's been in bed around 8 all week! This is her earliest yet.) Andrew is reading. The house is quiet. Andrew talks about "living with the seasons." Meaning we garden and practically live outside in the summer, and read and crochet in the winter. It really is nice.

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  1. I'm always inspired by your posts! I have switched to making my own laundry detergent. Maybe I'll get brave enough to try my own deodorant! I miss you on FB but I'll just have to remind myself to check blogger more often! You should add a link to subscribe so I could just get them emailed to me when you post so I don't miss them!