Wednesday, March 27, 2013

While She Sleeps

I have decided to start a photography project. For a couple of months now I have been trying to decide what it is I need to do artistically to pick up and get going once again. I think for me personally the photography I love doing the most is social documentary with a fine art feel. For this to happen, and to capture it the way I'd like, I really need something to focus in on. I decided yesterday that it would be Blanche while she is sleeping.

To me as a mother, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing my child asleep. It doesn't matter what has been happening all morning, or what the house looks like. When Blanche has nursed to sleep there is a peace that surrounds the entire room. Today during lunch Blanche took a huge spoonful of sour cream (thinking it was yogurt) and then threw up on my plate. She cried and continued to as I tried to clean it up, change her diaper, and then get her ready for nap. There were dirty cloth diapers sitting on the bathroom counter that needed to be rinsed. The kitchen floor and Blanche's highchair were still covered in black beans. My breakfast dish is still right here beside me on the desk. Laundry is piled high on the couch…but all of these things are forgotten when Blanche and I must take a moment, take a breath, and lay down to nurse. In my moment of rest I remember how everything will get done. Blanche drifts quickly to sleep and gives in to just how tired she really is.

Today was my first "nap time photo session". Blanche doesn't always sleep a long time, so it felt weird wasting away the minutes of my freedom taking pictures of her sleeping. But that is exactly what I needed to do. Because before I know it there will not be any sleeping baby in my bed. But the laundry and dishes will still need to be done.

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