Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nycum Living

Andrew and I are similar in the fact that when we get into something, we really get into it. As I have mentioned before, Andrew and I like hobby making. I think it has to do with that law of science where something in motion stays in motion? (See, I could totally homeschool…) Either way, I would say the obsession with food and making it from scratch began as an interest and has slowly been becoming more of our every day life. I appreciate the fact that Andrew has to think about food every day for his job as well. I think it helps him stay in that frame of mind.

When Andrew and I first got married, I started going to the farmers market, reading cookbooks, and trying my hand at being a homemaker. I had always been intimated by cooking and baking. But I had a good little start. I even did one of my first blog posts about cooking. This was all a few months before becoming pregnant with Blanche. Once that happened, I became so sick, that I sort of threw everything out the window. Then even after getting an appetite (mostly for sugar and white carbs), I was too tired (and suffering from swelling and lots of water weight) to cook. This is when Andrew took over. And then, until recently I never had the desire to go back. I hope the next time I am pregnant I can learn from some of what I have learned and continue to eat healthy.

I would say it was maybe about two or three months ago, I began to read different blogs and see other moms taking the tasks of cooking and turning it into something to be passionate about. I guess I came to see that eating is something I have to do. And my husband has to. And now Blanche is here, and she's eating. So, I should probably step up and try to make the best of it. Sometimes you can turn something thats rather dull and hanging over your head into a passion. As an artist, its good to find the beauty in things. So, maybe I have decided to find the beauty in food. Like how you can use oats and nuts and honey… and make something so much better than highly processed corn cereal. And how eating the right fruits and vegetables in season can be the most beautiful and tasty thing.

I am currently reading, "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver. Plus Andrew and I also both had the idea of surprising each other with four new cookbooks between the two of us. I feel like I am immersing myself in not only in the knowledge of good and wholesome food, but reading of others' journeys. And just seeing beautiful raw pictures of vegetables in the cookbooks…that seems to almost show me the face of God. Not to be overdramatic (which I can do) but seeing the earthy and beautiful artistic nature of God who has created these plants that we call food, it is simply amazing to me.

I made more granola today. I love this recipe from the cookbook, "The Homemade Pantry". I made it last month. It makes over two pounds of granola that can last three weeks. We snacked and ate it for breakfast all month. I had some ask for the recipe, I was going to write it out, but it turns out she has the entire recipe and her step by step instructions on her blog. I do add a 1/4 cup of honey to this as well, because she mentions it in her cookbook. The granola is sweet and spicy with the added cinnamon. I love it with raisons and almond milk in the morning. Blanche likes it too! She will even eat it on top of yogurt.

Click Here For Yummy Granola!

That is the link to her recipe. And actually, she has a ton of amazing recipes on here! I'm excited to look around! All the pictures above besides the bread are her recipes. We have made lemonade with just lemons, water, and honey. Then almond butter and dark chocolate cups, homemade crackers, and granola! I think "Nycum living" is about continually knowing more and more about what it is that we are eating. Whether that means what is in it or where it comes from. I think it is always better to focus, on the positive, as Barbara Kingsolver wrote. I like to focus on the good that we are doing for our bodies and the environment, rather than talking about what it is "that we don't eat." It has been exciting to find a passion that Andrew and I can grow in and share with each other. And to know my family is benefitting from that passion.

And last but not least… my mom is coming for the weekend. And she is bringing me dunkin donuts. And I will eat one. Because you only live once, and I really love donuts (maybe one day I can purchase a donut maker). Anyways… just keeping it real. Happy almost weekend!

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