Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Well lately "adventure" is the only thing that can come to mind when thinking about our future. I always want adventure. It is however a little more scary when it could be the main word describing our life. Because adventure would be the more positive way to describe the unknown. There is currently a lot of unknown. There are many things floating very close to our reach… where we can see them. I know, I am being really vague and not really saying much. But I think I'd rather wait until things are a little more clear before publishing everything publicly.

Either way, Blanche is constantly wanting adventure. So much so that I can hardly take her picture outside. She loves to wander. One day I know I will really miss where we live. The fact that there is at least some yard for Blanche to play in. It is hard though, for the wandering child to stay within limits. Which we are constantly trying to keep Blanche within the limits. Andrew calls her wild and lovely.

We have also been harvesting tons of lemon thyme from our garden that survived from last year. It literally became a bush, so we are drying it all over our house. Plus there was a storm on Monday, resulting in Blanche learning to wear a helmet. And now she thinks its just an accessory. And that it can be put on whenever really.

Today we are taking off after Andrew gets off of work and heading down to Austin, Tx. We are staying with Andrew's parents, and hopefully doing a few things to move closer to the next step in life. We may also have an air mattress blown up in the back of our van, and a pink pyrex filled with homemade chocolate donuts. The Nycums know how to travel.

I feel like I am probably inspired by quotes from Pinterest too much. But sometimes they just speak to me. I read one the other day that said, "Dreams don't work unless you do." It made me realize that we can't just sit around and wish for things to happen. We have to go do them. We might have to take one step forward in some ways, and two steps back in others. It's scary and unknown. But sometimes those things have to happen.

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