Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Staying at Joy's

I am lucky enough to have a friend like Joy. She is the type of friend that literally just went up to Andrew at work one day a few weeks back and told him that if for some reason we needed a place to stay while in between homes, she would gladly house us. It must have been God directing her, because that very day we found out that we did get an apartment down in Austin, but that our move out date and move in date was going to be off by about eight days.

Joy said that we could bring our herb garden (that's housed in several containers) to put on the side of her house, and our house plants on her porch. Of course, she made sure this was all okay with Jon, but she had a feeling it would be. And Rosa, their beautiful little baby… hopefully Rosa would be entertained by it all.

Joy gave us their entire upstairs, with our paintings and my essential oils resting near our suitcases in one room, and a huge mattress on the floor in the other room. Just like home. We even have five milk crates full of our pantry in her kitchen.

It has been so nice this week knowing that everything is in storage and the things that can't be left in the heat or things we would worry about are here with us. Andrew has his instruments, and we even have our computer set up on the guest room desk. I am so thankful for Joy and how much stress was alleviated by her offer and hospitality.

Life is real and even though Joy and I had first imagined a week long party with our babies, Monday sort of hit us like a Monday. I was extra tired and felt a little weighed down by everything. I felt like we were mostly changing diapers side by side. But I'd say each day has been getting better. First, starting off with a latte yesterday, and then Andrew being home with us today. By about four o'clock today we were having our party. The girls were outside in the baby pool, and we were all eating watermelon. At one point when I looked over I couldn't help but see the photo op with Joy and Rosa sitting in the sun.

Sometimes life can feel tiring and busy, and I just want to get everything done. It can be easy to want to be in Texas and moved in to our new place. I will say though, sometimes being forced to wait for a week, having quality time with friends and family is truly a gift. I am so thankful for these last moments in Siloam. Andrew exclaimed one day how nice it was just to read. I even watched an entire movie in one sitting. This rest has been needed and will be such a sweet time to look back on.

Tomorrow is my favorite holiday. The Fourth of July. I love it the most because people tend to forget about it. But it always involves family and friends and being outside. That to me is the perfect holiday. We are having waffles for breakfast as well, and I have been craving those. Only a few more days and then we are off for Texas on Monday morning. I can't believe it is so close to happening.

(The video by the way is Andrew helping Blanche sing a song she wrote for Rosa all on her own. This week she has walked up to the keyboard and bursted out "Yeah yeah yeah baby Rosa")

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