Sunday, August 18, 2013

Blanche Olive at Almost Two Years Old

In less than two months, Blanche will be two years old. I would have to say that the second year has went by even faster than the first. I know I write a lot about Blanche on my blog, but I haven't been as good as I would have liked at documenting the little details of her personality. She grows slowly and quickly at the same time. It feels like she's always been the way she is currently, until I look at a picture from a few months back. Its always been little Blanche. From those first fews months of restlessness, to her messy little self while learning to eat solid foods, to this quirky little toddler that is still messy and restless.

In the last week I have had two different moms with daughters Blanche's age tell me, "I love this stage. Aren't you just falling in love with this stage?" And honestly I say yes, but I also feel really tired. Today after putting Blanche to bed I just laid there for twenty minutes. My entire body hurt. Sometimes this feels discouraging because I'm only 18 weeks pregnant. I haven't even gained that much weight yet. And my whole body hurts. Sometimes it is hard to imagine being nine months pregnant. But it is not Blanche's fault. And honestly she brings so much light and laughter for any ounce of exhaustion she brings. Being almost two must be really hard. She walks around the house or apartment complex saying "NO NO NO" at certain things we have talked about. There are just times when I feel (and know) she is so smart, so its confusing why she still hasn't completely learned not to run into the parking lot. The other day on the way back from the pool she walked down the sidewalk ramp into the parking lot. I had my hands full and was feeling tired and hungry. I told her to stop, which she didn't, and then when I yelled, "BLANCHE OLIVE" very loudly because I was scared, she ran even more. I don't spank Blanche. But I did on her leg while she was in the parking lot. I told her ouchie on her leg happens if a car would hit her. Andrew talked with her to about how we yell because we are scared because we love her. I told her I was sorry but it scares mommy to see her where cars could hurt her. These are the types of situations I wish I wasn't having while standing in 100 degree weather, pregnant and in my swimsuit. But the conversations have to happen. We have these types of talks many times a day.

I do see that she is really picking up on so many things though. Blanche has known anywhere from 50-100 signs from ASL since she was about a year old. I do think this kept her a little more quiet from trying new words. I mean who would try to say helicopter when you could just sign it? (And she could, well her version at about 18 months) But in the last couple of months, especially since we have moved to Austin, she has started saying and signing some words, dropping signs to just speak, and trying brand new words. Yesterday she said "diaper" perfectly even though I have never heard her say it. The same with "rabbit" today. She also started telling me to "watch" her today for the first time, and then repeated it with everything she did. She has started saying "Black" and "Brown" when she colors. And she can say and sign "purple, pink, green, blue," and tries to say yellow and orange but still signs them. And knows them all correctly. Blanche hasn't taken a real interest to counting or letters yet. She knows what two is though. And since a little over a year old has been able to find her letter "I" alphabet book to find the ice-cream.

I have either started saying "Okay" a lot since I've become exhausted and pregnant or maybe I always just said it. Not like "Okay Blanche, sure do what you want" but more "OOkkkaay, lets eat lunch." Its my word that I get to have about three seconds to figure out what I am doing while I say it. So now, Blanche says, "OOOOTTTAAAYY" Pretty much exactly like that. Even when she is trying to poop on the potty. She takes a deep breathe, pulls off her diaper and exclaims, "OOKKay." I love it.

Blanche is also still nursing even though I doubt there is any milk left. I ask her if there is milk and she says yes. But I wonder if she just thinks there's a little in there. I have been open to tandem nursing for two main reasons: 1. I want Blanche to have a smoother transition and closer bond to her sibling through breastfeeding 2. Breastfeeding has always made everything about one thousand times easier for me. Its just how I parent. So, not having much milk, and Blanche really backing down has been harder and more tiring. Blanche does know though that there is a baby in my belly. And right now there isn't much milk. She also knows more milk is coming and when baby comes she has to share. Blanche has now tried several times to push my breast to my belly to "give the baby some milk." It might sound weird to someone without kids, but to me, it is so sweet because Blanche is willing to share something that is very special to her. This has given me hope that I can make it through the next couple months of a dry spell, and continue on in a loving and beautiful breastfeeding relationship with Blanche and the new baby.

I wanted to take time to write down the things that are going on with Blanche in this season. She is very smart, but also loves to watch a "SHOW." She exclaims it just like that. "Melmo" (elmo) is her best friend. She loves to play outside and in the dirt. The other day we had a play date with a mom. I guess Blanche touched rocks that were extra dirty, or maybe the mom was cleaner than me. She told Blanche the rocks were very dirty, and when Blanche reached out to touch her daughter she told her she had to clean her hands first. While Blanche was being lifted up to the kitchen sink and getting her hands scrubbed with soap better than they ever have been, Blanche was looking at me like "where in the world did you bring me?"

I could go on and on. Blanche loves to dance and take a bath with bubbles. She can request both of these things. She knows what she likes to eat and always has a specific thing that she would like for meals or snacks. She is also starting to be more successful in dressing herself and putting on her shoes. She even goes into the closet and grabs my shoes for me when we are about to leave.

Anyways, she is a bright light to our day and a loud scream to our night (only occasionally). I will say she may have my sleeping habits (not really that great) but hopefully has the creativity that comes with staying up late.

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