Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween 2013

I am getting to the point in my pregnancy where I want to be cleaning, baking, organizing, or sleeping. I text one of my friends that I had joked with when she was pregnant that she wanted to organize the whole world. I sent her this message: "The I want to organize the whole world feeling has hit me hard. I go between that and exhaustion and tears. It's a good life for everyone involved."

I know that this part of the pregnancy is short. On Saturday I will finally be 30 weeks, and after the holidays are over any day could possibly be baby time. I have days where I almost make myself sick trying to deep clean everything. Then there are days when I realize I should probably just calm down. So the mixture of the two is doable.

One of the things that I have felt has been lacking a bit has been my writing and taking pictures. My blog helps me to do these things, and when I haven't posted much, I know I haven't been writing more than a paragraph in my journal if I am lucky. Sometimes I wonder why I do this blog because my ideal writing would be to write more about my past, but I always surprise myself when I realize I am keeping a memoir of sorts on here as my life as a mother. I always dream and envision writing deep and inspiring things and sometimes I feel like my posts end up being mommy time writing. When I read back to older posts I do see that I am processing and writing my every day life. I also was showing a friend in Austin what Blanche was last year for Halloween. It was nice to be able to look up my blog on my phone and have all the pictures right there. I hope one of my children will grow up to love and appreciate the accounts that I wrote during their childhood.

Last year Blanche was an elephant because that was what I found for under ten dollars at a resale. This year I was digging through her closet to try and make her a cowgirl or something, and I found my little sister's Alice In Wonderland costume from over twenty years ago. It was a little big, but Blanche made the perfect little Alice. My photo shoot was about two minutes long and ended with me begging Blanche to stop walking down the stairs to the car, so I could get ready. These pictures are similar to her birthday pictures on here; I just can't believe how much she has changed in a year.

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