Monday, March 10, 2014

An Afternoon at the Park

My brother is here for the week to visit. Blanche loves her Uncle Austin and loves to play with him. We went to the park this afternoon, and I brought my new camera to play with it a bit. My main reason for not practicing and taking as many pictures as I'd like is because of how full my hands are most of the time. So I really enjoyed today and being able to wear Rosemary and have Austin chase Blanche.

The time change has been messing me up and it is already midnight. I mainly wanted to put up these pictures, and I think it is too late for too many words. I will say my favorite thing about our time at the park was the end picture. Blanche has been watching a lot of Daniel Tiger lately. It is a cartoon based off of the puppets and values from Mr. Rogers. It talks a lot about life lessons and feelings directed towards two to four year olds. This last picture was when we had sang a song from the show about how it was time to go and she could pick one last thing. She had chose to do the slide. As we were walking out she climbed the stairs and sat down and said, "I feel mad. I choose one thing." My brother and I explained that she had chosen her last thing and that it was time to go. Austin asked her if Daniel Tiger listened to his mommy and she answered yes. She allowed Austin to carry her to the car with no kicking, screaming, or crying. I think I like this Daniel Tiger.

My brother has only been here for a full day but we have had good conversation already and Blanche is always saying, "Austin, want to play?"

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  1. Such a precious story - I LOVE Mr. Rogers. I was one of the 1st generation of children to watch him all those years ago & my son was one of the last. I haven't seen the Daniel Stripped Tiger show but I'm glad to hear they have it!

    Love all the beautiful pictures.