Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Beautiful Days

Spring has been such a good season for me this year. I love the spring we have had here in Austin. The mornings are cool and it can get pretty hot in the middle of the day. This has lead to a lot of morning hikes and afternoon swims.

Today Andrew is off and we are in Georgetown at Showpa and Gigi's house. I love when Blanche gets to be outside. She was helping Showpa and daddy wash the van for awhile and now is on a walk with her Gigi. Rosemary was taking a nap and is awake now and playing in the little bouncer. Rosemary can be so content playing alone because she normally never has the chance to sit and play without being almost sat on. Sisterly love.

Moving across the country while pregnant made things harder in some ways. I know those last few weeks of my pregnancy and the first few months with a new baby were hard. I do think now though that I am more myself each day. Rosemary is becoming more of a baby and not a fragile little newborn anymore. Blanche is still her wild beautiful self. But she is getting better at listening, and I am getting better at learning how to corral a toddler.

The cold and harder winter days seem far away. Not every day is easy by any means, but there is a mixture of a better understanding at how life is with two and the sun shining brighter. I am starting to make more friends and feel involved in more of a community through the baby wearing group in Austin. Andrew and I are still tired, but our energy levels are up enough to do more hiking and taking our kids to great state parks. I am so thankful for such a beautiful place to live in and to be near my in laws.

I mostly wanted to give a quick update and post the pictures from our latest adventures. Blanche says things now like, "Wow that was a big day. We went hiking and swimming in the river." And it makes me so happy she knows what that is.


  1. Beautiful wild flower pictures and I so love the snail!

    I'm so glad you're writing down such precious days & I'm very happy you're feeling better with the spring.

    1. Thanks Jenny! Actually Andrew took the picture of the snail. Also, the lizard from a couple of posts back. He is actually really good at nature photography. I think a few of the last pictures of the cactus were him as well. I am getting better at nature composition and took all the flower ones this time. I think Andrew has always felt more comfortable with nature and me with people, but I am growing into a nature lover as well