Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Larissa and Doug

Two weekends ago my Uncle Doug, Aunt Larissa, and cousin Philip came to visit for an afternoon.  I told my Aunt Larissa that I should probably just write a post called "Blanche and Doug." Blanche loves Doug. It all started with a visit back to my home last year and she really took to his gentle personality. Then all of the sudden it was Doug she was coloring a picture for, and Larissa and Doug she wanted to pray for almost every day.

So on the morning I told Blanche Larissa and Doug and their son Philip were coming, she immediately started watching out the window for them. She still had her usual moment of, "Mama I play when they get here. You say hi. I shy, you hold me." Once they were all here though it was a matter of minutes before Blanche was showing Uncle Doug her rocket ship and Dr. Bear.

Rosemary was asleep when they got here, and we all peeked into the room to see her fast asleep, just wearing her diaper and making nursing movements with her little mouth. Once she was up everyone took turns holding her and later Aunt Larissa convinced Philip it was a good idea to hold the baby. She then continued trying to convince him to get married and have a baby. Like now.

We all walked to the neighborhood pond so Blanche could show Doug around. I always love having my family visit, even if it is just for a few hours. Aunts and Uncles are sort of like moms and dads. My whole life they have been here, and I just knew them as that. Aunt or Uncle, mom or dad. But as I have become an adult, just like realizing my own parents are people, I have started getting to know my aunt and uncle as actual people as well. I love keeping in touch with them and how much they love on my girls. I am sure it felt a bit like Christmas to Blanche, opening the door and seeing family with presents and kettle corn.

The last two pictures are from when they came to visit last september. It did not feel like that long ago, but look how much Blanche has grown.

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