Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Wedding Dress

Andrew's mother has her own mother's wedding dress. We decided to take a few pictures of it because the dress is unwearable and she is thinking of turning it into something else. Today while we were over at her house I took a few pictures. It was fun to work with something that felt a little more fine art over just taking pictures of the girls.  I wanted to try and bring life to the dress a bit but not make it too eery as it is an old wedding dress.

The dress itself is beautiful, and I think the pictures captured it well. I am glad our family will have pictures of the dress and veil as it is becoming more fragile over time. While I was taking pictures of the dress even though I had never met Andrew's grandma, I couldn't help but think about how quickly time moves. The wedding pictures look old but not that old. I kept thinking about this woman who I never met wore this dress and then had my mother in law one day as her baby. And now that baby is a grandma playing with her grandkids outside while I take pictures of the dress. I thought about Blanche as a grandma one day.

I have always loved older and vintage things. I think that time only makes them more special. In the end, things are only things, but to me material possessions are so much more meaningful when they have stories and memories behind them. I was honored to be able to see the dress and photograph it for Andrew's mom today.

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  1. You did a beautiful job Jeran, I love the picture with it spread out on the bed & the one hanging from the tree with the light shining through.

    I love the stories behind my family heirlooms. I have a dough bowl hand carved by my great grandfather for his bride in the mid 1800's. Joel's great grandmother gave him a butter paddle that her mother-in-law hand carved for her when she was a bride. She shared the story with it & we treasure that as much or more than the object.