Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Children's Museum and Family

Yesterday our nephew Jonathan turned four years old. Andrew's sister and her husband and kids came up to Austin from Corpus for a quick weekend visit.  Andrew had yesterday morning off, and we all met at the Thinkery, which is the Austin Children's Museum. It is crazy to think that when we took Blanche to the old one downtown in this post, that it was a year and half ago. Blanche has grown so much since then.

We drove down to the museum Saturday morning and Andrew's mom and sister's family all met us there. The kids had so much fun. I guess on that day, since Jonathan was turning four, we had a four year, a three year old, a two year old and a one year old. There were things for all of them. I had to laugh because in certain moments I felt as though the adults might become more overstimulated than the children. Andrew's mom literally said at one point, "Want to go up and see the waterfall? Oh wait, look at that room! With all the lights!" Haha. There were all types of hands on learning areas. I know we could have spent all day there.

Jonathan really loved a control board that could control lights strung on the ceiling. He is opposite of Blanche is almost every way. A neat, orderly, mathematic type. See, exact opposite. Either way crazy Aunt Jeran suggested crossing the wires on the control board. Blanche thought this was a wonderful idea. Jonathan, not so much. So, in the black and white pictures above they are sharing the board by having it split down the middle. So we sort of had a left and right side of the brain thing going on. Except I think they were on the wrong side.

We had a very fun filled couple of hours, and then we all left to eat lunch and celebrate some more. The girls and I headed to Georgetown after lunch, and Andrew left to drive to work. The rest of the day was spent playing at Gigi's with their cousins, which is such a fond part of childhood. Blanche really took to her Aunt Becca this time. She wanted to hold her hand on the walk and even in the house. This made me even more excited that we have already made plans to drive down to Corpus and stay with them for Easter. We want to take the girls to the beach and spend time with family.

Days like yesterday are always refreshing to me. They are a bit of a mental break from the daily grind. It has been fun to see these little babies become toddlers and preschoolers and to start to really play with one another. I am also always thankful that I have such amazing in laws. Andrew's family has always been a calm and warm presence to me. I know my girls feel the same way, Rosemary wasn't holding Aunt Rebecca's hand yet...but I am sure she will be before too long.

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