Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rosemary at 14 Months

I just love these pictures of Rosemary. This was a few weeks ago. We had both woken up from a long nap on one of Andrew's day's off. I am thankful for naps together with her when we get to take them. Sometimes it would be nice to be napping alone, but I honestly get such little nap/nurse/mid day cuddle time with her compared to what I did when Blanche was a baby, I just enjoy it.

I haven't been writing much lately. The pictures I have managed to take are all still on my camera, and these cute pictures have been sitting here waiting for me to post. I have went from tired and nauseous to pelvic pain early on for me... which is only 14 weeks pregnant. I haven't had a lot of time, but I am still so thankful for my girls. I know I don't write as exclusively about Rosemary like I did with Blanche, but she was an only child at that time, and now these girls are sisters with another sibling coming.

I am currently sitting down to post these as we are about to leave for Corpus in the next hour. I need to just write and post something... and then run the vacuum... because like I told Blanche, we don't want bugs to come and eat the food on the floor while we are gone on vacation.

Rosemary is 14 months, but Andrew and I feel like she's been acting about 18 months since her first birthday. She loves to dress up and tries to pretend with Blanche. I personally think Rosemary plays beyond her age, but I know its from watching Blanche. Rosemary is pretty laid back and loving to eat more and more. We just shared some Ben and Jerry's and I don't think she would have been the one to stop. She says, "Mmmm and mooorre." She is getting a sweet tooth and I feel like not near as good of a mother with my always saying yes to giving her what Blanche is eating. Its a good life being a second child.

Rosemary is also throwing fits. Throwing her whole body down. Screaming for things. Most of the time I am too busy or tired to notice too much. Or if I do notice it is actually kind of cute compared to Blanche's meltdowns. I am hoping this means by the time Rosemary is three... she just won't even bother with meltdowns (I can dream right?)

Rosemary loves doggies and can say doggie really well. She was calling everything doggie for awhile. But now is saying duckie and birdie. She says mama and dada. "Baa" for Blanche. She says Gigi and "Maa" for milk. She signs, "More, milk, eat, potty, play..." but overall I think she won't be as  big of a signer as Blanche was. She already yells, "nana" for banana every morning. And yes she can says Nana for my own mother as well.

I feel like Rosemary is progressing right along. I sometimes wish I could give her more one on one attention. But I am thankful for co sleeping and nursing with her. I do enjoy the tendcy for her to be more laid back and self suffecnt. She does however really  get upset if she is not getting her way. But she gets over it pretty fast. She tries to hit and bite more than I remember Blanche doing. But I also think Rosemary has more to be mad about sometimes. You know, Blanche trying to put her in a princess dress when she is tired...

Well this was a fast and hurried post, but soon enough I will have more pictures of our beautiful spring and updates on how we are all doing. For now, I am excited to actually be leaving town for a few days. Andrew is getting to a point in his job now where it looks like we will be able to take trips more often. Happy Easter Weekend!

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