Thursday, February 18, 2016

Rosemary Turns Two

Last month, January 21st to be exact, Rosemary turned two. She is now older than Blanche was when we moved to Austin. And almost the same age as Blanche when she too became a big sister. It doesn't seem like that long ago that this was little two year old Blanche, because actually it wasn't that long ago. All three of my kids are going from infant to baby to toddler to preschooler in just a few short years. Its good to remember that on days that I am really tired. So many things are always changing.

As a family we are finding our little traditions and celebrations. It has slowly started becoming the birthday tradition that Andrew and I stay up late and decorate the kitchen the night before a birthday. We leave a small present on the table, and normally have a special treat like donuts planned for breakfast. One thing I love about small children is that it doesn't take much to get them excited. Paper chains like Mr Rogers! Happy Birthday!

We didn't do a party this year. One because of my own tiredness with three, and also Rosemary seems a bit shy sometimes and I wanted to soak up her normal self that day. There was however a hike planned at the Wild Flower Center. So we sort of joined the group while also there with Gigi and Showpa. The Wild Flower Center is pretty magical in itself, so that was a fun and big part of the day. After that we went out to lunch with Andrew's parents to one of our favorite Italian restaurants. Then the girls played for awhile on the playground behind the restaurant. By the time we were home all of us were pretty worn out. Andrew built a fire as the evening cooled down, and the girls had bumblebee cupcakes. I think Rosemary felt loved and knew it was a special day.

Even in this last month since her official birthday, I think she has become even more "two." I was thinking back today about how when Blanche was this age and I had a new baby. It was very stressful for me. I didn't really know what to expect and the pure sass and disrespect from my formally such loving baby was a shock. But now, the second time, it can be maddening to have a toddler but its not so serious. It's actually kind of funny. Rosemary does enough sweet things to make up for her naughty ones. But the things she has started to do make me mostly smile.

At two Rosemary can:

Speak in four word sentences. (Way different than sign language Blanche!)
Put on her own shoes and socks
Turn on the hose and water the garden (even without being asked!)
Open the pantry to grab a snack (also without being asked)
Count "1,2,5,7..... 11,12,13,14," She's working on filling in the gaps
Paint a picture
"Write letters" with Blanche
Can help with simple chores and requests around the house
Can hike and hold her own in the woods
Dance beautifully

Other funny traits:

She is sweet and loving but also probably bullies Blanche more than Blanche does to her.
She can climb anything and says she's a monkey
She also loves baby dolls and stuffed animals. She calls Simba "my best friend"
She wrinkles her nose and squints her eyes when being mad, mean, or naughty

Funny things she's said lately:

Just today at the park, partly imitating Blanche:
(to me) "Human! Show now! Watch me!!"

Yes she called me a human.

Tonight while I was trying to brush her hair:
"Mom! NO! Beautiful!"

When she's mad she says (again imitating Blanche)
"NOT ANYTHING ANYMORE" And she really has no clue what she is talking about.

I think having a toddler the second time around is a little bit easier because as a parent I have already made some decisions in my mind on how to handle certain situations. I also know its such a sweet stage and hearing the little broken sentences of what is actually in her mind is so cute. Rosemary and Blanche are now in their own little room and sharing a bed. Rosemary sleeps well but gets up normally around 3am, stands at my bed and asks for "milky." Then she will walk back to her own room alone and put herself back to bed until morning. She is a strange child. I would tell her no, and maybe I eventually will... but it turns out she is her strongest self at 3 am. The other night she asked for milk in ten minute increments from 4:15- 5:30 am. I kept saying we were waiting until the sun was up. By 5:30 I was too tired to care anymore and officially called it morning. She then nursed for five minutes and slept until 7. Thats the part I don't love about toddlers. They are crazy. And strong. But I tend to have wild and lovely little things as children.


  1. I love this so much. I feel like I'm getting a little insight into my girls in a few months from now. Sweet sweet little crazy strong willed toddlers.

  2. I love this so much. I feel like I'm getting a little insight into my girls in a few months from now. Sweet sweet little crazy strong willed toddlers.