Friday, January 30, 2015

Rosemary Joyce at One

Just over a week ago, on January 21st, Rosemary turned one year old. This last year has probably been the busiest year of my life, so it really is no surprise that it is also the fastest. I have had "my hands full" as so many strangers like to tell me in public. But I would not trade this year for a slower one, it went just as it should.

Dear Rosemary,

This month you turned a whole year old. I would normally be thinking, "I can't believe how my baby is growing up!" but you made it pretty clear that you did not need to wait for your first birthday to start acting all grown up. You have been walking since about ten months. At first it was about four steps from your Gigi to me on Thanksgiving, but by Christmas morning you were walking across the room. You climb onto Blanche's stool in the bathroom. While I am using the bathroom I look over to see you often pull yourself up onto her stool, stand unassisted, open the bathroom drawer, grab the toothpaste out, pop the lid with your mouth, and then begin eating it.  You have learned some of your tricks from Blanche and others I swear you were born with. You keep me very busy in some ways Rosemary, but there are other moments where you are simply sitting and watching so sweetly as the day goes by.

I have said from the beginning that you are my joyful one. You love to smile and love to tell any stranger or dog "Hiii." My song I made up for you as a newborn went, "Rosemary, you are so happy. So happy and so kind." You live up to those words. Your spirit is so sweet. I tell other moms that you are the baby God gave me to want more babies, and then they say you make them want another baby. You have had a couple of rough nights with teething or sickness, but for the most part you are a great sleeper. You like to nurse down to sleep at night, and might wake a couple of times just to reconnect beside me in bed each night. Besides that you are always out for at least twelve hours. You have jumped on board to Blanche's 7:30pm to 7:30am schedule, and it is pretty nice to have my evenings.

You are more laid back, but so am I the second time around. I don't worry if you don't go down for your nap right away, we always work it out. I love seeing you play through the day too. You even go into the playroom and play alone sometimes. You love to watch Blanche and learn very quickly from her. You will even wear a little backpack and carry around a baby, "going to school" with Blanche. You love all your family, your sister and parents and Gigi and Showpa and Uncle Austin. You are so blessed to be close to so many. You are secure and happy. You like to be worn in your sling and in the Ergo with daddy. I even think you like to be worn on my back in the wrap now too.

There are hundreds of little things I could say and write. I have new things to tell your daddy each day. But just know Rosemary, you are so very loved. You clap your hands and giggle and play. You are fierce like your sister and throw yourself down when the toothpaste is taken away. Time with you moves twice as fast,  but I may stop to kiss you a little bit more. I look at you and see that you will not be little for long. You make me stop to love both you and Blanche. To hold my girls in my lap. You have made us more of the family we have always been meant to be Rosemary. You were exactly who I never knew I have always wanted. Thank you for blessing me enough to be your mother.

I love you,

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