Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

What could be cuter and more uplifting than cute babies in cute costumes? What's sort of ironic about it all is that I feel grumpy and mad at myself. I mean, a person can only be a part of my life (or this blog) for so long before realizing that my title of "An Artist. With Occasional Meltdowns." Is really a true life thing for me. See I'm having a melt down. For some reason blogger has changed or is having an error all day today where it won't let me or Andrew work the HTML like we normally do for the pictures. So that was the first stressor. Andrew spent most of his evening trying to figure it out. And then when he did get it fixed, I noticed that when some of my pictures are blown up they are blurry. No big deal, right? I mean, I'm not in a studio setting with studio lighting. I am working with what I have, which half the time is a moving baby in dark lighting. But for whatever reason I go crazy and have this huge melt down about how I can never be good at anything. So, now that you know where I am coming from... and I have all that off my chest, lets talk Halloween.

Don't you just love a cute dressed up baby? I got Blanche her elephant costume for five dollars so the fact that she was adorable in it was a bonus. Downtown Siloam has a festival type event where kids can come and get candy at the local businesses. It's great because you can walk around downtown in the middle of the afternoon and get all the candy you need. Or I need. Actually. It was sort of weird being the parent this year. Last year Blanche was just a couple of weeks old, and we just took her walking in her stroller. This year it was costumes and friends and really felt like we were celebrating.

On Halloween morning I woke up to a text from my neighbor/mom friend Carolyn that said, "I'm dressing up as a medieval princess. I have a whole box of costumes if you want to dress up!" I knew the plan was to take the girls downtown (her Ruthie is only a few weeks older than Blanche) but I didn't know we were going to dress up too. At first I felt sort of tired and not in the mood, but as the morning went on I thought it would be fun to be that fun mom. So I borrowed a cat costume complete with tail from Carolyn. And as you can see in the pictures she looked beautiful. Those are her real teeth by the way. Isn't she ravishing? Let me tell you, if we stay friends for too long, Blanche and Ruthie will  be SO EMBARRASSED all the time. And we will love it.

We also had our friend Erin and her little Noah come along. And we got to see our adorable neighbor boy Henry all dressed up as well. It was a fun day. I felt like now these little holidays mean something. Kids really are the thing that people love to watch on the holidays. Its because they are so good at not hiding any emotion and showing true joy. And its so amazing to watch.

After the trick or treating Andrew thought we should go get dinner out. Afterwards we got ice cream (which I think is quickly becoming a dangerous addiction for Blanche) and it was so fun to see Blanche so excited to be out late, getting ice cream with her parents. I mean obviously I don't know her level of comprehension in times like these, but sometimes I look at her face and I can see this look that seems to me that she knows exactly whats going on. And she loves it. And then I think of the quote from the mother of that very spoiled girl Veruca in Willy Wonka. She's talking about their parenting style and says something like, "Its all that matters in life with children. Happiness and harmony." For some reason I think of that quote a lot. And of course I don't want Blanche going around singing that she wants the whole world, but I am so happy when she is so happy. There is no denying that.

So here's to Halloween. To candy. To making yourself sick off candy (mhhmm Carolyn). To ice cream and smiles and little fluffy elephants. I know how can I not be in a better mood now right? I mean I am. I'm over not being perfect. I'm over having blurry pictures and meltdowns. I guess I'll go to bed and think back to when I was seven and Snow White for Halloween. I remember my brother was the Genie from Aladdin and my sister was Barney. It was freezing outside, and I remember holding my apple with frozen little fingers. My dad took us around the neighborhood and it was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

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