Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Trip to Austin, Tx

Last week our family made the drive down to the Austin, Texas area. We stayed with Andrew's parents who live just north of Austin. There's so much to say and even more for us to do. I think the thing thats most important is that we absolutely loved the area, and being so much closer to family.

Blanche immediately took to Gigi and went off exploring with her the first morning. She loves her Showpa too, and keeps talking about him after we have returned home. There are details about jobs, and what we thought we might do, and what we aren't going to do after all. I really will write about everything when we know more. What we do know as of now is that the Austin area seems like it would be a perfect fit for our family. It was so nice to spend some time down there and see the area again, this time with a toddler.

The entire time we were staying with Andrew's parents it seemed we would love to move there. And while its easier to envision living in a place in a more vacation mode, I could see how lovely it would be for Blanche to be so close to her Gigi and Showpa.

One afternoon, the last full day we were there, we spent the day in downtown Austin. We ate huge pieces of pizza with Andrew's sister and her husband, walked around art and craft booths, and stopped in for some coffee and music on a shaded patio. Blanche immediately won over the crowd with her dance moves. Oh how we want to move there.

I'm sorry that my posts have been rushed lately. Mostly because Blanche has been on my lap (like now) on occasion, and with all this decision making things have seemed busy and intense at times. We are probably canceling the internet tomorrow. I hope the next time I write a long post and put up pictures we are living in Austin. We will soon see.


  1. Adorable pics! Love the video too. I know it would be so great for Blanche to be near her grandparents. I hope you're able to do what you really wish for.

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