Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Historical Hippy Tour

Yesterday morning I received a text from my Aunt Larissa telling me that her and my Uncle Doug were in Waco seeing my cousin Philip, and that they wanted to stop in to see our family. I was happily surprised and told them of course to come down to Austin. This morning they came to our apartment and were our first official guests. Although, Andrew's parents and sister have been here. So maybe the first official guest from my side of the family. Just showing someone where you live can help it sink it in that yes, we do in fact live in Austin.

Blanche was shy at first but began to warm up quickly as she saw that I had a birthday present from them. My present included tootsie rolls, matching aprons for Blanche and me, and two little books. Blanche knew these things were for her (even though the candy was for me). She slowly warmed up to Aunt Larissa and Uncle Doug more as the day went on, and by the end was playing with Uncle Doug in her room and cried when they had to leave.

My Aunt Larissa had mentioned doing lunch, and at first I figured we could just go to a restaurant close by. But when we found out they really didn't have plans for the day we decided to go into downtown Austin. We were going to go to a sandwich and wrap place called Pita Pit, but when finding out they were closed we decided Mellow Mushroom would be good. We all split a veggie pizza, and Blanche liked seeing the man who was "surprised in the boat." It was actually Willie Nelson with a frightened look on his face, but I try to make things understandable.

After lunch we drove around the Capital building. My aunt wanted to see where Andrew and I were engaged, which was under a tree on the side of the building. We had our picture taken for memories sake. I added it to my instagram (which you can see by clicking on the blue camera on the side). We then headed to a vegan ice-cream shop. All of the ice-cream was made from coconut milk and so yummy! By this time my aunt was feeling we had really taken her on the hippy tour. She said at one point, "This all just feels so bohemian." That really made me laugh, and I told her she was the one who was vegan, so she's probably more bohemian than she realizes. I did however say I would wait on getting my sleeve of tattoos for awhile.

We all had so much fun on just a little surprise visit. Having my aunt and uncle here made me feel not quite so far from home. Blanche seemed to take to them quickly knowing they were family. Tonight I got a text from Aunt Larissa saying that between Andrew's historical car tour of the capital and our vegan dessert, they were able to have the hippy and historical in one. And really, thats exactly what the Nycums strive for. So any of my readers, friends, and family wanting to come visit… know that you will be treated well.

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  1. You are so great at capturing life my friend! You seriously have a gift. I love your blog. A lot has happened in your lives over the summer! I am so excited that you guys made it to Austin! I want to come visit! Love you!